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Some destination attractions spring up from a hole in the ground, like Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, or Warm Springs in Georgia. Some destination attractions actually ARE a hole in the ground, like the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Crater Lake in Oregon. Sometimes they are carved into the side of a rock, like Mount Rushmore or Stone Mountain. While others are built along the side of a lazy river, like the San Antonio River Walk (Paseo del Rio) in Texas.

Many destination attractions cultivate the beautiful or unique natural surroundings that their regions are known for. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that Yellowstone National Park is worth fencing in and selling tickets to see.

But what if you’re stuck in the desert? No water. No mountains. No resources. Nothing but miles and miles of sun-scorched sand. What possible destination attractions could be cultivated there? Could it even be done? One quick look at the Vegas Strip could grant you that answer…a resounding “YES!”

But how would someone have the vision to turn a patch of desert into one of the most popular conglomerations of destination attractions in the world, collectively known as the Vegas Strip? It obviously would take a dreamer. A relentless visionary who would never give up on their dreams, regardless of whether or not they could actually build them.

Are you that kind of dreamer? Do you know that kind of dreamer? Are you the kind of idealist who would look at Huntsville, Alabama and say, “I’d like to inspire everyone who comes here to go to the moon.”? Are you the visionary who sees the urban concrete kingdom of downtown Atlanta and thinks, “I’d like to put some fish right here.”? If you are, ID3 Group wants to partner with your dreams. If you can dream it, we can build it. Some even call us the DreamBuilders.

So if you are a General Contractor, Architect, Planner, or simply a Visionary Entrepreneur, take the DreamBuilders Tour with ID3 Group today. At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your Destination Attraction Dreams. Let ID3 Group help you realize the fullness of your dreams.

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