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Concept Development Design
  • Visual / aesthetic
  • Lighting, sound, video
  • Graphics
  • SFX
  • Show control
  • Art Direction
    Touring & Logistics
    Project Management
  • Exhibits
  • Scenery
  • Retail Environments
  • Corporate Theatre
  • Signs / Icons
  • 3 Dimensional Elements
  • Props & Dressing
  • Event Environments

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    Concept Development Help

    Need Concept Development Help? ID3 Group is here!

    Concept Development. In the everyday, physical world we live in, it could mean any variety of things. Concept development could pertain to new product inventions, streamlined methods of manufacturing, or even reconfiguring the way your family parks all the cars in the garage so that everyone can get in an out safely and efficiently.

    But in the creative world of exhibit houses, design firms, or any client looking for turnkey fabrications, Concept Development often passes through the parameters of dreaming, sketching, designing, fabricating, construction, installing, and implementing whatever new, cool experience, environment, or source of entertainment that some dreamer’s heart desires to build.

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    At ID3 Group, we specialize in bringing people’s dreams to life, and want to offer concept development help to you and your clients. Where do you normally look to for help? Well, it might largely depend on the situation. If you wanted to install a washing machine, an artist might not be your first call. But if you had an idea spark in your mind about a new kind of washing apparatus that had a superhero entrance, utilized water from the running creek next to your house, and would conveniently deposit your cleansed clothes into a nearby tree, you might need to consult with another dreamer. And it would be nice if the consulted dreamer had extensive experience in physically creating the kind of dreams that only seem to make sense to the dreamer.

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    ID3 Group is the perfect mixture of dreamer and expert, giving you access to one of the most sought after concept development help firms in the global market! Not every company can imagine your dreams with you. Not every company with an imagination has the skills, experience, and tools to put substance to your dreams. But then again, not every company is ID3 Group. Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour today, and see what concept development help from ID3 Group can do for your project!

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