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Our Capabilities

  • Wood, laminate, acrylic
  • Complete array of machinery
  • CNC
  • Aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium, glass, ceramic tile
  • Waterjet tooling
Paint & Finish
  • Scenic & faux finishes, metallic applications, automotive
  • Paint booth, computerized mixing station
3D Studio
  • Sculpted elements utilizing a wide variety of materials & processes
  • Vacuforming
  • Mold creation & castings - resins, plastics, & rubber
  • Hardcoating
  • Frog mill, computer assist hot wire machine, 3D scanning

lion drawing with hammer

Custom Buildout

In today’s ever-changing, hands-on society, consumers demand to be in control of the action. In fact, if there is not a viable opportunity to interact, all attempted influence is immediately tuned out. Whether you have a great idea already, or you’re just scratching the surface on telling your story through brand activation marketing techniques, ID3 Group is here for you. If you can dream it, we can build it. If you can only conceive it, we can help you give it wings. And if you have no idea how to go about using brand activation marketing to effectively solidify your company into the subconscious of your consumers, don’t worry! Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour. Check out the proof of our services and capabilities. Let ID3 Group partner with you, and watch your wildest dreams come true!

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When you think of breakfast cereals, what is the first Brand that pops into your mind? Do you see and hear a big tiger who tells you everything is “grrrreat?” Do you visualize a leprechaun with bowl of marshmallow treasures? Chances are, the first cereal that pops into your mind may not even be one you’ve eaten in quite some time. You might even “taste” your cereal choice in your memory. How strange is that?!

3D Molding
ID3 Welding and Metalworks

So why would we subconsciously recall a cereal we have had in many, many bowls? Effectively-placed commercial spots during your favorite Saturday morning cartoons that appealed to your childhood self? Was it the array of clever, catchy slogans, bellowed by a friendly cartoon animal? Or was it the alluring descriptions of what was inside the box by your favorite mythical animated creatures? Or maybe it was the mystery prize inside that kept you excited about your favorite breakfast cereal, and loyal to its cause?

In reality, the most correct answer is: None of the Above!

Wait a minute! What?! How can you say that? Well, let’s not forget that we’re talking about the automatic, subconscious recollection of visually identifiable memories, mingled with a strange “memory taste” of your cereal of choice. What causes it? What solidifies it? What turns a bowl of sweet, morning goodness into a life-long, full-sensory memory?

3D Mold Centrifuge
finished sculpture design

Simple. Brand Activation.

You see, before you pulled the spoon from your bowl, and placed it fully inside your welcoming mouth, you only had second-hand knowledge of how good it tasted. You had only seen and heard the praises that were levied on your particular brand. You had not yet interacted with this tasty piece of marketing. But then the spoon arrived at its destination, and you partook of its contents. You chewed, and tasted, and swallowed, and salivated for more. You engulfed this wonderful product, and wondered how ever in the world you lived without it.

At ID3 Group, we offer the same opportunities for creating a lifelong impression to you, your brand, and ultimately, the customers you wish to engage.

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