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space design

Design Support

The design phase of any fabrication project is a real turning point in the entire operation. It’s the point at which the envisioned starts becoming visualized. It is a threshold that must be properly crossed if your dream is ever to become a reality. This can be a daunting task for any exhibit company, design firm, architect, theme park contractor, marketing agency, consultant, producer, or event coordinator. With expert design support services, the experienced, professional craftsmen at ID3 Group are never afraid to take this step. And they are ready, willing, and capable of helping you and your clients fully realize your experiential, environmental, or entertainment dreams.

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Do you have a scene that needs to be seen? Check out our Visual and Aesthetic Services HERE!

green and magenta stage design
outer space design

Lighting, Sound, Video

If your project includes elements that need to be lit, heard, or displayed, look no further than ID3 Group’s lighting, sound, and video services.


Your project can never be too Graphic for the professionals at ID3 Group. See what our Graphic Design division is up to!

world design with multiple tv's
Education Network stage design


Sound Effects are an integral part of any great experience. Check out our SFX expertise HERE.

Show Control

The show must go on! And it must be in some state of control. See what our Custom Show Control can do for you!

Custom Design

Inside the realm of our design support services, you will find several categories, and a myriad of capabilities that go into providing this service for our valued clients.

Ready to see your dreams come to life? Take the Dreambuilder’s Tour, or contact ID3 Group. At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your dreams! Your design dreams!

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