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You can search high and low and you will never find a Metalworking Company like ID3 Group. Our metalwork for set designs is amazing. Our work for trade show exhibits is remarkable. Bright. Brilliant. Brash. Bold. The same words you could use to describe amazingly designed metalworks structures could be used to describe the amazing professionals from ID3 Group who perform the metalworking design and construction elements like the ones you see on the set of Family Feud, on the set of CNN, or various other theme parks, permanent installations, environmental structures, and a whole host of other amazing metal fabrication structures that will blow your mind, but never your budget!

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At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your Dreams! Your Client’s Dreams! We realize that your client may not know all that goes into the process of building their desired structure, exhibit, theme park element, interactive display, or whatever else they’ve commissioned you to build. But you probably do! And you know that the advanced level of Metalworking required to meet your client’s demands may be well beyond your scope of capabilities. But that’s where ID3 Group can be so very helpful to you! We are happy to lend our expertise, experience, and equipment for any and all Metalworks that you or your client need to complete your commissioned project.

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Whether you need blueprinting for metal working, supplied materials, design and dream phase assistance, project management, or whether you literally need our amazing individual parts, assembly, or large-scale structure capabilities, ID3 Group can help! Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour, contact ID3 Group, or check out more proof of our amazing Metalworking Capabilities!

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