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It seems that every week another article is written about the future of Museums. They always seem to paint the same picture. Bleak, bleak, bleak. But perhaps these articles should be written less along the lines of attacking the museum format, and more in terms of how to preserve Museums. Or better yet, we could be brainstorming ways to make our Museums viable in the hearts and minds of those who long to soak up their displays and knowledge. ID3 Group knows just how to save Museums. We can build your new Museum, or revamp your old Museum, and make it relevant, viable, and bustling with activity!

In the once-dying world of documentaries, Ken Burns realized that our fading WWII veterans still had valuable stories to tell about their experiences. The problem was that no one seemed to be able to “jazz up” the documentaries enough to keep viewers entertained. Ken Burns had a revolutionary thought. Strip away all the fluff. Let the veterans tell their stories. Present the stories inside a simple, authentic format with just enough movement to keep viewers from looking away, but not so much movement that it enacted the automatic, internal filters that people were developing for media overloads. The results? Award-winning documentaries that have made Ken Burns the most prolific documentary maker in cinema history. And perhaps more importantly, these authentic tales of American history makers were preserved, and presented to an newly invigorated audience.

Perhaps the same principles could be applied to the museum exhibits format. What if we made them simple? And classic? With entertaining authenticity? This could take plain old museum exhibits, and transform them into something that would preserve history, amaze critics, and astound the people. The line between “old and dusty” and “vintage and cool” is a thin one that be difficult to navigate. Keeping the elements involved in a museum that help solidify the look and feel of whatever is being showcased, combined with enough modern thought and functionality to keep it fresh, is a combination that ID3 Group has utilized to corner a market. Less terrifying, more tantalizing. Less scary, more simple. Less creepy, more cultivating. When culture, art, and design all meet in the realm of high-quality museum exhibits, that’s where you’ll find ID3 Group. Let us help build, or rebuild your museum! Take the DreamBuilder’s tour, and see what ID3 Group can do for you!

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