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Props. What exactly are we talking about here? Are we talking about "props" as in an object that holds another object or person up higher, so they can perform a task they couldn’t do alone? Well, kinda. Well, are we talking about "giving props," as in acknowledging that someone did a great job, and helped accomplish something that usually benefits all parties involved? Hmm, maybe.

Staging props are literally 3Dimensional background objects that either help an onlooker feel more authenticity in a production, or help someone who is on stage demonstrate with more flair and relatability. And staging props can also be the difference in an audience feeling like someone on stage has done an average job of production, or has excelled in whatever role they attempted to purvey.

If you have props to create, or if you’re still only dreaming of props to make, ID3 Group can prop you up for success! Utilizing what we call 3Dimensioneering®, we can make you or your client’s wildest Prop dreams come true! We have all the capabilities, services, experience, and expertise necessary to make your prop project the best you could have ever imagined.


While in some ways more elaborate than tradition Props, the creation of Scenery for any kind of staging is something that simply cannot be overlooked. With a higher volume of square footage, and a demand on seeming as natural as possible, Scenery can be a chore to dream up, much less create. Bad scenery can cast an unfortunate shadow over an entire production. But quality scenery, like ID3 Group is famous for, can take your production to new levels that you never even dreamed of! If you can dream it, we can build it. If you can’t quite dream it, we can help you fully realize it, and build it for you. If you have already started building it, we can help you complete it. Whatever part of the journey you are on, ID3 Group can help! Take the Dreambuilder’s Tour!


Okay, take all your conference ideas. Take all your interactive staging ideas. Take all your entertainment, experience, and environment ideas, and PUT THEM ALL OUTSIDE! While the thought of pulling off a quality Festival might frighten some builders, it actually excites the seasoned professionals from ID3 Group! Contact us today, and get started on realizing the fullness of your Festival Dreams!

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