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Are you on tour? Awesome! Being “on tour” is a description that is most commonly levied on traveling bands. And while musical tours might be the first thing that someone envisions, there can be all sorts of touring enterprises. In addition to bands, this could include television or movie promotional tours, large magician shows, traveling circus elements, or almost any other event based experienced that must be seen in person, and must be taken to the people.

Regardless of the type of tour adventures you may have encountered, “logic” isn’t often something directly associated with the traveling act. In fact, “mayhem” or “insanity” might better describe some of the tours that you or your clients have been associated with. Haven’t you ever dreamed that there was a company so organized, so capable, so equipped, that the “talent” or the “talent management” merely had to show up and perform, wherever in the world they happen to be, or wherever in the world they were last night?

Well, great news! ID3 Group is that company! We specialize in building tour set designs. But unlike some other custom fabrication firms, if your elements are going to be on the road, we build them with portability in mind. And we can even help you get them from place to place, handle the setup, handle the teardown, and perform the next move to the next great location!

Whether you need custom fabrication services, consulting service, project management, art direction, venue preparation, or any other services that are useful in the realm of touring and logistics, ID3 Group is ready, willing, and capable of helping you pull off the perfect tour! At ID3 Group, we build dreams. Your dreams. Your Touring and Logistics Dreams! Contact us today for a consultation regarding any piece of the touring journey you’re on, whether the tour is tomorrow, next month, or 5 years from now. Together, we can fulfill even the wildest client dreams! Take the DreamBuilder’s Tour, contact ID3 Group, or check out more proofs of our Touring & Logistics excellence.

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